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Each word is a new beginning

Due to the insistence of some friends / family members and the fact that I actually enjoy writing, here I am starting a blog about life of an expat in the Ivory Coast.

I am also happy to do it because I have been trying to research about the country and have found not much information around in English. So hopefully these writings will become reference material for others wanting to know more about this West African country.

The Ivory Coast is located in West Africa, between Liberia/Guinea, Ghana,and south of Mali/Burkina Faso, very interesting neighbours if you ask me…


A few interesting facts:

  • They used to be called “The Paris of West Africa”
  • Even though the capital city in theory is Yamoussoukro, Abidjan is where the show is really run.
  • Largest producer of cacao in the world
  • 4 hours ahead of Toronto, 5 of Mexico City, 9 behind Tokyo
  • Language: French
  • Currency: West African CFA Franc
  • Adoptive hometown while there: Duékoué (600 kms northwest of Abidjan)

Here are the Facebook pages of the place where I will be working:ékoué/641314862555597




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