Comings and goings

This year I’m not living with the nuns anymore which is nice. I go out more and I cook my own food. I was lazy about walking 20 mins there and back, but it has been very nice! In the mornings I fully wake up while I see the mamas (babies on the back and everything) setting the tables for whatever they sell on the road.

Boiling up the cutlery to start the day with clean spoons


Madmoiselle having breakfastMademoiselle having breakfast

Children going to school

Carrying water from the well

On the evenings the 20 mins walk back becomes 45-50 mins because it is a never-ending chat with absolutely everybody about how was your day. And no polite:”how was your day”-“fine thankyou” no no no… Juicy details are expected: lows, highs, people involved, whys, whens, hows, hopes for tomorrow and a few compliments for the little kids around who greet you as if there was no tomorrow. Very different than the walks from work to home in Canada.

Madame who sells me sugar and soap

And if you dont take even a few mins to stop and chat with mama, ohhhhhhh you will hear about it the next day: “you were angry yesterday” with these offended eyes they give you. “I was in a hurry” and “I was not in the mood to greet every single person on the road” are not known reasons here. They just dont exist, and therefore lack all validity. (in a hurry? Who is EVER in a hurry here? Nobody).

IMG_7048Madame who sells me fruit

IMG_7052Dorine who says goodbye to me every afternoon when I leave the school (her mom sells water at the school portal)

IMG_7057The Beninoise version of donuts: always a temptation
on the walk back home

  IMG_7056Tatiana and Gladys, busy on their sewing machines as they are, they always have a smile to send me home with: Bonne nuit!

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