Ivory Coast

Bio: My name is Monica Escamilla. I was born in Mexico, adopted Canadian and currently working in West Africa for a while. In between all that, I have worked with Mexican native communities, Canadian corporations, Saudi Arabian hospitals, Cambodian NGOs and the Catholic Church here and there. I am a teacher by profession and very passionate about it. I am very curious, a bit of a nerd sometimes, and also very active. My faith and my relationships are very important to me, they are my strength and compass. Top 5 favorite: 1. Favorite country visited: Japan 2. Favorite book: The Fifth Mountain, Paulo Coehlo 3. Favorite subject at school: History 4. Favorite saints: St J. Baptiste de La Salle, Ignatius de Loyola and Francis Xavier. 5. Favorite quote: "I live the life I love and I love the life I live"

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rhonda

    I look forward to reading about your exciting adventures.

  2. Christiane

    Good Luck Monica….Think about you…! Take good care of yourself…
    love. Christiane xox

  3. Sandra Amezcua

    Wow Moni! Que maravillosa Aventura de la vida, Me suena al Cantar de los Cantares… ire corriendo entre los montes persiguiendo a mi Amado. Con Dios, la vida es una Aventura! Te abrazo fuerte y sigo leyendo tus historias, me encantan!

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